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FedEE is the ultimate HR support organization for multinational employers.

  • Our members have access to a vast database of employment law and pay data for Europe and key countries around the world.
  • We operate a rapid response line for all your employment law enquiries.
  • Our online audio-visual country employment law briefings allow you to get quickly up to speed on key legal requirements in major jurisdictions across Europe and Latin America.
  • Our regular news updates ensure that you will never be out of touch with important development in numerous countries where you have employees.

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Need international/global employment law data?

Need international/global employment law data?

We've got all you need to help you find out legal requirements in global jurisdictions

  • Reduce litigation risks
  • Check out local advice
  • Audit company Policies
Worried about labour market trends?

Worried about labour market trends?

Our statistical databank gives you insights into changes in pay, benefits, tax and much more.

  • Budget payroll changes
  • Assess a country's labour supply
  • Calculate net pay figures
Keep in touch with European HR news

Keep in touch with global HR news

FedEE has monitored HR-related events in each European country since 1989

  • Daily news Updates
  • Fortnightly Newswires
  • Regular face-to-face briefings
One-to-one service

One-to-one service

You can choose to consult our data and guidelines online or contact us for individual support

  • No call centres
  • No telephone option menus
  • Direct access for practical advice

Comments about FedEE

  • "Don’t rely on your local people to tell you all the necessary facts - they often don’t know and inconsistent practices may therefore have evolved over the years in every organisation. The Federation of European (now International) Employers website is a great source of country-specific information."

    - Simon Macpherson, Management Today, March 28th 2013
  • "FedEE are a reliable service to have to provide international advice to our team on all things HR and payroll. They are not afraid to give their professional opinion and on occasion have gone above and beyond to help us with some of our more complex requests"

    - John Doyle, Irish, Swedish & UK Payroll, Teleflex
  • "Since joining FedEE earlier this year the service and information provided has saved me many hours of research time and the company many Euros on paying for advice from an Employment Lawyer based in Germany.  All my questions have been answered remarkably thoroughly and promptly and in a way that I can understand!  Worth every euro spent on membership."

    - Rachel Franke, Human Resources, Germany
  • "This is one of the best newsletters I receive. Thank you"

    - Theresa M. Hope-Reese, Senior Vice President Human Resources, Targus Group International, Inc.

That faceless void called social networking

Robin Chater

Secretary General, Fedee


The social media in their present form represent a huge threat to us all. Instant-mass-detached social bonding at a highly superficial level is distorting our grasp of reality on a massive scale, taking over our lives and changing our perceptions of the world. We are losing our sense of proportion and letting hype and half truths dominate our natural powers of reasoning.

The crowd has always acted far differently from individuals motivated from within their own consciousness and now a new form of virtual crowd dynamics has been born.

When … Continue reading