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If your organisation is a multinational employer with 150+ employees, you may apply for corporate membership of the Federation of International Employers (FedEE) and also participate in our educational programmes.

◉ FedEE Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership gives full access to our wide range of services, including:

Multiple Registered Users – without geographical limit;
Use of our rapid and practical legal helpline – to clarify legal points, or deal with practical HR problems as they arise. Each enquiry may take up to 1.5 hours of our time;
Daily news updates/Fortnightly News Alert and Newswire Subscription;
 International review of developments, including many HR-relevant changes not reported elsewhere, travel warnings and key court cases in a wide range of jurisdictions;
Access to our huge Knowledgebase of country employment law data, legal interpretations, pay data, economic projections, HR guidance notes and much more;
 Access to our Job Evaluation and Pricing System (JEAPS);
 Minimum Wage and Economic Data;
 Model Policies, codes and guidelines;
Legal External Guides;
Roundtables and E-Meetings;
Use of FedEE logo on your company website;
Advocacy – Lobbying governments about regulations affecting HR.


◉ FedEE Helpline

An enquiry deals with an issue in a maximum of two countries and involves up to two hours of our helpline time. Customise research may be commissioned separately at a special membership rate. Further enquiries may be obtained, for all membership categories, in bundles of six.

◉ What does it cost?

Membership Services

Full Membership

(150-500 Employees)

Full Membership

(501-2,000 Employees)

Full Membership

(2,001+ Employees)

Legal Helpline Bundle of Six Enquiries

Pricing (per annum) 






Access for up to 10 individual users and a starter set of 4 legal helpline enquiries.

Access for up to 20 individual users and a starter set of 6 legal helpline enquiries.

Access for up to 30 individual users and a starter set of 8 legal helpline enquiries.


Special Offer 



15% for those applying for and paying by 1st September 2024



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Company size relates to the entire Group and not just to a subsidiary, location or department. All users must work for the company head office or the majority owned group subsidiary.

 If a company requires less users than the maximum, or less integral enquiries, they will not be subject to a discount.

If you wish to pay by credit card, please contact us by [email protected]. We will send you a receipt as soon as the payment is credited to our account. No VAT is applicable.

Special rates exist for previous member companies, and for individuals who formerly worked for member companies. 

Membership may normally only be held through HR departments and data may not be used for external Client advisory or project purposes without our express prior permission

For further information, please contact [email protected].

Membership terms and conditions