FedEE Achievements

The Federation of International Employers (FedEE)

Some Achievements since Foundation in 1988

  • The first employers’ organisation to use online, real time communication – via Prestel, a predecessor of the Internet.
  • A pioneer in the encouragement of corporate childcare with employer study trips to Paris and Denmark/Sweden and numerous training and support measures.
  • The first organisation to lay down the practical steps necessary for introducing European Works Councils – with financial assistance from the European Commission (Major Luxembourg conference).
  • Only organisation in the labour relations/labour law information and advisory field to survive since the 1980s. All other bodies that existed at that time have disappeared.
  • The first organisation to undertake Masterclasses in the field of employment law.
  • Predicted 9/11, the 2007/8 meltdown, the Brexit vote outcome and the 2020/21 pandemic.
  • Undertook the study (in 21 days) that led to the Merger of two major defence Companies L3 and Harris – the biggest of its kind at the time.
  • Took the law firm retainer business away from Baker & McKenzie for a major government.
  • Undertook a detailed study of dismissal law in France and briefed a major high tech distribution multinational about moving into Japan.
  • Advised extensively on the GSMA restructuring and necessary downsizing.
  • Numerous confidential support exercises for HR seeking to let go their company’s CEO on behalf of their Board.
  • The first organisation to provide detailed lockdown and government subsidy measures on a global basis during the start of the pandemic.
  • The first organisation in the World to offer an advanced qualification in multijurisdictional employment law.
  • Only employers’ organisation in the World that began before 1990 and still has its original founder in charge.