7: FedEE HR Counsel Programme – Distance Learning Courses (Non-FedEE Members)

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This FedEE programme of professional legal training is designed for those concerned with maintaining HR standards and legal compliance in multinational organisations. Many HR professionals already perform a de facto legal role for their departments and many more would do so if they had the necessary preparation and recognition.

The principal aim of the programme is to develop applied legal skills for a number of chosen jurisdictions. This will sharpen expertise in key legal fields, help HR departments avoid many legal pitfalls before they reach the point of potential litigation and enable HR to interface with internal and external legal counsel in a more informed and capable way. Initially the programme was offered as a one-year integrated course. However, now it may be completed through distance learning in a more flexible way. The programme of 25 short subject modules leads to an Advanced Diploma in Multijurisdictional Employment Law, plus the professional accreditation – QP-HR Counsel (HR Counsel). The first five modules provide basic legal training and the remainder applications across different fields  such as recruitment, working time, dismissal and health and safety. There are ten focus countries – Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, The UK and USA.

To undertake the course HR professionals must be have a good honours degree and/or have at least five years experience working in the HR function – of which two years must ideally be in a multinational enterprise.

Please contact the FedEE Academy office on Academy@fedee.com where you may obtain further details and a full programme prospectus plus discounts for group bookings of course participants.

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