FedEE QP-HR Counsel® Terms and Conditions

QP-HR Counsel® is a professional status designated under the aegis of the Federation of International Employers (FedEE). It is protected by registered trade marks and may only be awarded to designated individuals by FedEE upon completion of an application form and in terms of the following formal licencing conditions.

  1. Those awarded the designation must have met the formal criteria set by FedEE. Applicants will be informed of our decision within two weeks of the formal written application being received.
  2. Holders of the designation hereby give their consent to FedEE contacting them, as appropriate, for professional purposes.
  3. The designation signifies that its holder has been determined as competent in their knowledge of employment laws and legal precedents in a range of jurisdictions and in the interpretation of such laws for the purpose of providing internal support for their organization. It does not indicate that the individual may provide such services outside their organization or, in any way, guarantee the soundness of that support. It must be assumed that their organization will continue to call on the services of bar qualified lawyers and certified paralegals, when appropriate.
  4. The holder shall undertake to maintain a strict respect for the rule of law and abide by all relevant conventions laid down by the International Labour Organisation and all principles under The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).
  5. Maintenance of the designation will normally be subject to an annual professional fee, unless this obligation is formally waived either because the holder has passed the Advanced Diploma in Multi-Jurisdicional Law (Adv Dip MELL) or given initial complimentary entry within the first month of the designation’s launch independent of the Advanced Diploma. The designation may be used by the individual to whom it is awarded on documents, business cards, CVs and online communications after their name and any other titles or qualifications they hold.
  6. With the exception of Adv Dip MELL graduates, the designation may remain in use for as long as the individual to whom it is awarded is employed by a FedEE Corporate Member Organisation, and for up to six months after they have left that organization. If it is held for longer than ten years it may be retained in perpetuity as long as condition 3 is met.
  7. A central record of QP-HR Counsel® holders is held by FedEE and their current registration may be consulted by holders at any time and a certificate applied for confirming that they are registered holders will be issued on request.
  8. The holding of the designation does not, in itself, entitle access to FedEE services, although it will entitle a discount to FedEE Membership in respect to any organization that the holder joins, if that organization is not already a corporate FedEE Member.
  9. Neither the Federation of International Employers (FedEE), FedEE Corporate Services Ltd nor any of their officers or associates shall in any way be liable for the consequence(s) of any acts, use(s), claim(s), allegation(s), obligation(s), error(s), neglect, offence(s), civil wrong(s) or other possible liabilities whatsoever arising from the holding of the designation ‘QP-HR Counsel’ or in respect to the holder of it – at any time.
  10. In the event of our receiving a complaint about the holder of this professional designation we shall seek to contact the holder immediately to discuss the issue(s) raised. However, we shall have no powers to investigate the matter and if we believe that there may be at least prima facie substance to the complaint and it is sufficiently grave we reserve the right to suspend or terminate the right to use the designation, without any legal recourse to ourselves. In such circumstances we shall return to the former holder any outstanding fee paid on a pro-rata basis.
  11. The Federation of International Employers (FedEE) may withdraw the use of the designation ‘QP-HR Counsel’ at any time, in total or in part, and without any liability whatsoever.
  12. FedEE shall maintain the strict confidentiality of all personal data held about QP-HR Counsel® holders and past holders in line with its obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

DISCLAIMER: This document is for general guidance only. Its contents do not constitute legal advice and are not intended to be complete or exhaustive. Although we try to ensure the information is accurate and up-to-date, all users should seek legal advice before taking or refraining from taking any action and no liability is accepted for any loss which may arise from reliance on information contained in this document.