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About the Federation

The Federation of International Employers (FedEE Global) is the leading organisation of multinational employers, founded in 1988 with financial support from the European Commission. Today it operates on an independent basis with members in over 60 countries worldwide. It is open to membership from companies employing 150+ staff that operate, or plan to operate, in more than one country. Membership costs just 3750 euros a year (please check our website for current offers) for up to 15 users and provides users with substantial savings in legal and consultancy costs, as well as management risks and time.

The Federation is chaired by the Ford Motor Company, has its head office in London, UK and administrative centre in Nicosia, Cyprus. We also have a representative office in Hong Kong and plan to open an Asian office in Changsha, China soon.

Membership of the Federation will provide those in your company’s HR and corporate legal services departments with exclusive access to a wide range of online support services, events, online training, webinars and one-to-one legal support – plus legal consultancy at highly competitive rates. We also have our own online networking community – ButN – through which members can meet during their business trips.

We have a vast database of employment laws in over 60 countries, guidance on specific HR problem areas and pay data — all backed up by a legal helpline.  Our principal company contact receives a membership card, a membership plaque for their corporate reception, a tag for hand luggage (with FedEE as a point of notification for the finder) and a full-size flag for company flagpoles. Members  may also use the Federation’s logo on their company literature.

The Federation is proud of the high level of loyalty we receive from established members. This was confirmed when 100% of respondents to a survey of our members said they would recommend membership of the Federation to other employers.

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The Federation was founded in May 1988 at a meeting hosted by top Human Resource (HR) Directors from European, US and Japanese multinational businesses. At the conclusion of the meeting it was decided to form an employers’ network, initially funded by the European Commission, which evolved into the Federation.

The Federation’s founder, Robin Chater, chaired its first meeting and then became its first Secretary-General, a post which he continues to hold today. Robin was, for ten years, an adviser to the Employment Directorate-General of the European Commission and later an adviser to DG IX the Commission’s own HR office. He also held senior positions with the labour relations journal IDS Report,  HAY Management Consultants, a high tech start-up company specialising in automation and the leading industrial process development company Cambridge Consultants. He has consequently enjoyed a dual career in both HR and robotics.

The principal aim of the Federation remains to provide key information, support and guidance to meet the everyday requirements of HR professionals. Our value for money “one-stop” approach reduces the costs, delays and risks of running an HR department across national borders.

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Our Services

Corporate members enjoy a number of core services for one fixed annual cost. These may be accessed by up to 15 HR executives and corporate legal professionals in each member company. We do not operate call centres or telephone option menus. Each registered user is issued with their own passwords giving them direct access to our data and expertise.

Membership allows designated users to:

* View our law programme online audiovisual briefings about employment laws in key European and Latin American jurisdictions and undertake an assessment to obtain FedEE certificates confirming the knowledge you have gained.

* Explore our huge knowledgebase of country employment laws, relevant statistics and economic data, our international HR and data protection codes of practice (complying with the GDPR), guidance notes on dealing with HR issues, management checklists, examples of HR policies, model employment contracts, directories of service providers, salary budget projections for the coming year and relative cost of living indices…….

* Receive our latest annual Multinational Salary Planning Report – giving a clear approach to deriving a remuneration and benefits policy and looking ahead for the coming year in a wide range of key countries across the world.

* Price jobs accurately by using our proprietary Job Evaluation and Pricing System (JEAPS).

* Keep up to date with HR-related developments from across the world through our online news service and fortnightly newswires.

* Consult our legal and industrial relations experts by calling our employment law helpline or IR Hotline. You may also use our labour law consultancy service at a highly competitive fee rate.

* Network with other business people around the world during business trips using butN – our new powerful networking tool

* Upgrade to Fellowship at no additional cost and take part in our regular “off the record” discussions and meetings.

* Convey your multinational status by reproducing FedEE’s logo on company letterhead, displaying our membership plaque in your head office reception area and flying our highly attractive flag on your head office flagpole.

Lobbying: In addition to offering support services to HR professionals and corporate counsel, FedEE undertakes a constant review of country laws and their application. When a proposed law would create undue difficulties for multinational employers, an existing law is contrary to a country’s constitution or – contracts a higher federal or EU law – then we seek to rectify it through amendment or repeal. One example of this is a law in Poland that requires employers to maintain paper records – in direct contravention of EU law which has sought to open up a single market for the secure processing of personal data.

Plus much more………

Members also have exclusive access to our international legal helpline provided by FedEE Law. The first four enquiries come as an inclusive element in the corporate membership package.

Signing up to FedEE could not be easier and currently we are offering a huge discount on annual membership for up to 15 users. Just click here, complete our short online application and you could be enjoying our services very soon. Please call (+44) (0)207 442 5570 for further details.

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