The FedEE® Story

About FedEE®

The Federation of International Employers (FedEE®)/La Federación de Empresarios Internacionales is the leading employers’ organisation for multinational organisations. Like most incorporated bodies of its kind, it is a company limited by guarantee. Since the mid-1990s it has provided its services through a number of operating companies.

FedEE was first formed at a meeting of HR Directors at BP PLC’s Head Office in London during June 1988. We originally received financial support from the European Commission, but we have long operated on an entirely independent basis, funded entirely by our membership. We are currently Chaired by Ford Motor Company and we have Corporate Members from around the globe, including many of the largest US, Indian and Japanese blue-chip enterprises.

FedEE supports multinational enterprises through a number of strategically critical advisory, representative and support services. Our principal aim is to assist member companies remain compliant with the employment-related laws in the countries where they operate and to make a close reading of labour market trends. Towards that end, we maintain a huge database of country-by-country laws, legal summaries and HR trends and provide daily and fortnightly updates of developments around the world.

Although we have attracted many imitators over the years, no other organisation has the expertise, range of relevant HR data or commitment to quality and immediacy of service. Today, the FedEE helpline covers over 120 countries and 90% of enquiries are answered within 4 working hours. That is perhaps why, in successive surveys, all our members have said they would recommend FedEE membership to another multinational organisation.

Because of Brexit, our Administration is now shared between London, UK and and office in Cyprus. Not ony is Cyprus the only Member of the British Commonwealth in the European Union (EU), but the EU’s only Member State in Asia.  We also maintain a presence in the Americas and Far East.

Founder and Secretary-General

The Founder and Secretary-General of FedEE is Robin Chater. Robin not only has the lofty iQ of 174 and the great luck of surviving near-death experienes no less than nine times in his life, but he has been described by one journalist as “Renaissance man” because of his polymath capabilities. He is perhaps coincidentally best known – when he worked as a journalist – for first using as a headline the term “Winter of Discontent” (taken, of course, from Shakespear’e play Richard III) to describe a period of poor labour relations. Thanks to Robin, this expression continues to reverberate around the English-speaking World whenever anyone is seeking to describe an upsurge of social unrest during the coldest months of the year.  Robin has also hit the headlines many times for his statistical revelations and economic predictions.

Educated at Leeds and Lancaster Universities and the London School of Economics, Robin has had a distinguished career spanning journalism, international management consultancy, production management, R&D and – for ten years – as Adviser to the European Commission. This included positions with IDS Report (Now Thomson-Reuters), HAY Group (Now Korn Ferry), the Cambridge Science Park R&D company CCL and the World’s first ever Management Consulting firm – Arthur D Little. He currently principally divides his time between Europe and the Far-east.

His primary professional areas of expertise are in statistics, employment law, data protection, HR, robotics and labour economics and his principal consulting sectors have been in mining, electronics, engineering, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, food/confectionery manufacturing and packaging. His greatest love is for literature and is a published poet, novelist and short story writer.

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