What we do

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Multinational employers belong to FedEE in order to reduce their risks when operating across national borders, reduce legal costs, obtain practical solutions to difficult HR problems and speed up service delivery. We monitor international HR-related developments minute-by-minute, as well as broader economic and political trends. Our expertise in the employment and labour law fields is second to none and we make this available to members through:

  • Daily news updates 
  • A fortnightly Newswire 
  • Constantly updated “Knowledgebase” covering 100+ Countries 
  • A Member-only legal helpline service 
  • Special reports on global economic developments
  • Round tables on important issues
  • One-to-one briefings –  on any matter of concern
  • Speaking and chairing conferences around the world 
  • Undertaking legal/HR/strategic consultancy 
  • Drawing up new policies and draft laws
  • Lobbying politicians and officials on intended laws 
  • Contract research in the international HR/Law field 
  • Specialists in M&A/TUPE law
  • FedEE is also entitled to award the designation”HR Counsel”.

Since 2007, FedEE has operated its own, proprietary job evaluation and job pricing system (JEAPS) which allows it to price any job in European principal countries and selected countries around the world.

If you head up HR in a multinational enterprise the answer is not whether you should belong to FedEE, but how you could ever operate effectively without us. Membership is less expensive than you think and offers great value for money. That is why so many multinationals have been in membership virtually from our foundation.

Back in 1963, there were around 7,000 multinational enterprises, but by 2003, this had grown to 80,000 and today it is approaching 500,000. During this period there has been a rapid globalisation of markets in goods and service. Today’s typical multinational is also not the massive manufacturer with 100,000+ staff in 35 countries worldwide, but a 300-person service company with offices in New York, Paris and Hong Kong. The pace of life is getting faster and information overload is a constant threat to HR decision-making.  

If you ever feel that you no longer have enough hours in the day, need an independent business view, do not have enough staff, cannot find the critical information you must have within the hour or are tired of waiting around for other service providers – please feel free to write to us at [email protected].

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