FedEE Services

A multinational employers belongs to FedEE to reduce the risks of operating across national borders. We monitor international HR-related developments minute-by-minute, as well as broader economic and political trends. Our expertise in the employment field is second to none and we make this available to members through:

* Daily news updates

* A fortnightly Newswire

* A constantly updated “Knowledgebase” covering data on over

100 countries.

* A Member helpline service – covering law, HR and pay

* Special reports covering issues such as Brexit and the

economic cycle.

* Regular round tables – normally in London

* Seminars and briefings – in different locations worldwide

* Lobbying politicians and officials on intended measures.

* Speaking and chairing conferences around the world.

* Undertaking consultancy to produce customised solutions

– particularly in the field of HR policy maintenance and M&A.

Since 2007 FedEE has operated its own, proprietary job evaluation and job pricing system (JEAPS) which allows it to price any job in European principal countries and selected countries around the world.

FedEE is also an educational body with its own established one-year Advanced Diploma Course in Multijurisdictional Employment Law (AdvDip MELL). Graduates of the programme are also entitled to use the job title “HR Counsel” – as this is the trademark property of FedEE.

If you head up HR in a multinational enterprise the answer is not whether you should belong to FedEE, but how you could ever operate effectively without it. Membership is less expensive than you think and offers great value for money. That is why so many multinationals have been in membership virtually from our foundation.

Corresponding law firms: Multilaw Network (international) – Cincotta IAF (Argentina) – Gün + Partners (Turkey) – Kochar & Co (India) – Marty Davies Avocats (France) – Mischcon de Reya LLP (UK) – Mori Hamada & Matsomoto (Japan) – Rajah Tann (Singapore).

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