FedEE HR Transitioning Webinar Programme (TWP)

◉ 1.   Aims of the Programme

These real-time online Webinars are designed to bring HR professionals up to speed with the requirements of working in another country, or across national borders. They are suitable for experienced professionals working for a multinational company undertaking expansion, as an onboarding step for those joining the multinational organisation for the first time or taking over responsibilities for a new group of jurisdictions.

The primary focus will be on the economic and legal challenges that HR professionals will face. This will range from the ‘nuts and bolts’ HR tasks of registering new employees with social security authorities and, where necessary, other governmental agencies, immigration requirements, minimum reward levels, statutory entitlements and normal practices to the coverage and importance of sectoral collective agreements, recent case law, posting workers to other jurisdictions, discrimination safeguards and employee termination.

Every country has its own very individual characteristics both in terms of customs and practices to hard-edged points of compliance and many of these are unexpected and counter-intuitive to the unwary employer. However, equally, the situation is often rapidly changing and sometimes in the midst of change – such as with the four new labour codes in India, US court precedents or federal laws which have not fully filtered down to everyday practice, or EU Directives that have not been formally implanted through a country’s laws.

◉ 2.   The Approach Taken

The teaching style will be highly participative, we shall seek to avoid jargon and purely theoretical ideas as much as possible and questions may be raised at any time.

It is also important to bear in mind what the TWP will not represent – as it will not be able to cover advanced technical requirements in the fields of payroll, superannuation or immigration and only provide a basic outline about taxation and individual collective agreements.

◉ 3.   How it is Structured

Each TWP is either offered as an intra-company training session, with the country coverage and individual topics entirely tailored to the company’s requirements, or is a multicompany programme covering a range of countries that embrace the core of each participant’s needs. The minimum number of participants for a multicompany webinar is seven, whilst the intra-company training can be conducted for between one and ten participants. Each session shall cover up to four jurisdictions.

Please note that only intra-company training is available at the present time. Multicompany training sessions shall be available later this year.

Each standard session runs for half a day (4 hours). However, intra-company training can be extended to whole days, and to cover more jurisdictions, at a reduced pro-rata rate.

◉ 4.   Feedback and Certification

Before each session we shall ask each participant to briefly set out in writing what their training needs are. Then, at the end we shall request the completion of a short questionnaire to determine how far the needs were met.

Completion of a TWP session will result in the issue of a certificate to each participant from the FedEE Academy, specifying the date undertaken and countries covered.

◉ 5.   Programme Costs

The cost per half-day (4 hours) are as follows:




Intra-Company (1/2 or 3 participants)



Intra-Company (4 to 10 participants)






No VAT is payable as the programme shall be invoiced through Cyprus. If a booking is made from within Cyprus, alternative arrangements will be made.

◉ 6.   The Next Step

If your organisation wishes to arrange an intra-company TWP, please contact the FedEE Academy via academy@fedee.com or telephone +0044 203 807 9205 / +00357 9682 9541.