Why FedEE?

Back in 1963 there were around 7,000 multinational enterprises, by 2003 this had grown to 80,000 and today it is approaching 500,000. What has happened in this period is the rapid globalisation of markets in goods and service. Today’s typical multinational is not the massive manufacturer with 100,000+ staff in 35 countries worldwide, but a 300-person service company with offices in New York, Paris and Hong Kong.

Whilst huge conglomerates find it difficult enough to manage HR across borders in a compliant way, the job is much more difficult for the SME with only one of two HR professionals to undertake all the necessary tasks. That is why FedEE has such a critical role. We take the risk out of managing staff internationally – whilst working closely with other professional organisations, like lawyers and accountants, to make the international HR role a feasible reality.

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