White Papers

Engaging and practical pieces produced by FedEE staff covering issues of concern for multinational HR professionals. These papers are illustrative of guidance notes we provide in our knowledgebase. They principally provide a European perspective – although the material available to corporate member organisations is largely pan-global.


Comment: A fortnightly personal take on the world by FedEE Secretary-General, Robin Chater.

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Futurescape: A FedEE White Paper (May 2018)

Avoiding the HR pitfalls: A brief country-by-country review of the way that HR legal frameworks differ and the common HR mistakes that are made.

Pan European Pensions: An important policy area for EU legislators has been how to make pensions truly portable.

The Next Recession and Living with Business Cycles: As the economy moves in its semi-regular pattern from recession to growth HR is faced with a dilemma about how long to retain employees.

Performance Appraisal: A framework for establishing and assessing performance appraisal systems in multinational enterprises.

Trades Union across the world: The principal union organisations operating in different countries.

Rules of Evidence: HR professionals often find that they have to deal with workplace honesty issues where evidence relating to conduct is very uncertain.

History of Working time: A table showing the evolution of working time laws and regulations at a national and international level.

FedEE Glossary – Some key terms used in HR and their interpretation.