White Papers

Engaging, thoughtful and practical pieces produced by FedEE® staff covering issues of concern for multinational HR professionals. These papers are offered in addition to the guidance notes we provide in our member-only knowledgebase. We will also consider guest contributions.

Comment: A fortnightly personal take on the world by FedEE® Secretary-General, Robin Chater.

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Futurescape: A FedEE® White Paper (May 2018)

A “No Deal” Brexit: What will it mean for UK employers?

How to cross borders With the least formality. Special services available (mainly for US nationals).

PST and HR – How Hope, Desire and Fear interact as the basic emotions to create all emotional states

Avoiding the HR pitfalls: A brief country-by-country review of the way that HR legal frameworks differ and the common HR mistakes that are made.

Pan European Pensions: An important policy area for EU legislators has been how to make pensions truly portable.

The Next Recession and Living with Business Cycles: As the economy moves in its semi-regular pattern from recession to growth HR is faced with a dilemma about how long to retain employees.

Performance Appraisal: A framework for establishing and assessing performance appraisal systems in multinational enterprises.

Trades Union across the world: The principal union organisations operating in different countries.

Rules of Evidence: HR professionals often find that they have to deal with workplace honesty issues where evidence relating to conduct is very uncertain.

History of Working time: A table showing the evolution of working time laws and regulations at a national and international level.

FedEE® Glossary – Some key terms used in HR and their interpretation.