White papers

Engaging, thoughtful and practical pieces produced by FedEE® staff covering issues of concern for multinational HR professionals. These papers are offered in addition to the guidance notes we provide in our member-only knowledgebase. 

FedEE Resumption of Operations Checklist: key questions that should be asked in companies still recovering from te pandemic

FedEE Categories for viral risk: The inherent nature of jobs and their suitability to operating remotely.

Salary reduction clauses: Sample contractual clauses to facilitate salary reductions and/or temporary layoffs.

HR Policy Checklist: Some useful tips on how to write an HR policy.

Dealing With Downturns: FedEE guide to living with recessions.

Data Retention in Personnel: A review of the data protection and other statutory limits in selected countries.

The Story of Four Weeks Leave: Why does the European Union require employees to be given a minimum of four weeks annual leave? 

Trades Union Across the World: The principal union organisations operating in different countries.

Belt and Road Guide to Western Management Methods (in Mandarin Chinese).

Wellness Policy: An illustration of a policy that incorporates a special section for HIV/AIDS.

How HR can stand up to the next downturn: Published in HR Magazine.