Business Travel Networking (butN)

butN has been developed by FedEE to assist members to meet others during business trips. Meetings can be arranged one-to-one or via an “event”. An event can be as simple as an invitation to others to join you in the hotel bar where you are or near where you work. It can be set up easily and by any signed-up member of butN.

butN also lets you identify who around you at any time are your existing business contacts. For the security and privacy conscious of you there are all kinds of safeguards built into the system – including a “button” to make you incognito and another to remove someone from your contacts if you do not wish to be linked any more with them.

We are currently working on different language versions of butN – starting with Mandarin and Japanese. Although butN has been developed on a robust computer platform and is entirely scalable for handheld devices, we do plan to launch an App early in 2015.  So gone will be that time when you are staying in a city whilst on business and miss the opportunity to meet an interesting professional passing through.

To sign up to butN visit