7: FedEE Law – Single helpline enquiry




Introducing our one-off enquiry service that can be used by nonmember companies.

Do you wish to find the answer to an employment law question? Have you looked for answers and still feel uncertain? Perhaps you have received a legal opinion and wish to check it out? or maybe you cannot obtain a fast enough response from your current advisors? Then FedEE Law is probably the service for you.  We aim to provide a responsive and economical way to achieve legal compliance in the most practical way suitable to you.

All FedEE Law staff include bar-qualified lawyers and international labour law experts who have been trained through our in-house multi-jurisdictional development programme.

Each unit pre-purchased for this service lasts for up to 1.5 hours. Support is provided by telephone, Skype, QQ or email. Just email our administration once you wish to utilize your units on admin@fedee.com.

An hour of a lawyer’s time in an international law firm will typically cost 400 – €1000,  but FedEE Law charges just 150 ($US177.00) for up to 1.5 hours. No law firm operates a one-stop service so fast as FedEE Law – or has the FedEE international legal knowledgebase behind it for immediate referral.

This services is available to all companies, except those refused FedEE membership or not qualifying for membership (see membership terms and conditions)

If you are a FedEE Member firm and wish to have the facility to make additional enquiries over and above those included in membership then you should purchase our six-enquiry bundle at a significant discount.