Tackling those neglected handbooks (digital or otherwise)

Every company needs to check out the legal validity of its HR policies at least once every year, yet the mountains of demands on the time of HR professionals makes this a task often put off until another day. After all, as we move into a period of greater economic uncertainty, it is tempting to think that there will be more time to carry out this essential task. But such times tend to be even busier for HR professionals and staff shortages will put even more pressure on available time.

The normal alternative to in-house policy maintenance is the handing of the tasks to a trusted law firm. This overcomes the problem – but at a cost and adds to the delay in making necessary changes. Law firms bill every job by the hour and seldom work very fast unless they are handling issues such as litigation. It does not matter how unproductive the person allocated the job is, or how much they lack the experience to undertake the work competently the Client is going to get a hefty bill in the end. What is more, each office of a law firm only normally deals with a single jurisdiction. If a company wants HR policies in more than one country to be checked out, then there is going to be a further delay and handling fee for other offices to get involved. As corporate belts are being tightened it is not the right time to escalate legal costs.

The FedEE Approach

FedEE does not operate in such a way. We are an international employers’ organisation and we are on your side from the start. Our purpose is to offer you value for money and an efficient service, not just to make money.

We seek to take responsibility for updating policies in line with the law at a set date each year. We do not simply bill by the hour, but by two parallel methods that ensure you obtain the cheapest deal. We bill primarily by the 1,000 words in each policy. But the first 500 words are without charge and if the annual review beyond the free section takes less than two hours we charge a simple, inexpensive flat-rate fee, with nothing else to pay – no supervisory fees, search fees or communication charges.

Why not try our persolicy service by submitting to us a long-overdue policy for one jurisdiction, in English, of up to 3,500 words? We will undertake to review this quickly for a flat charge of €195 (Non-Members €249) and no VAT. 

Full Service

Using our full Persolicy service could not be easier. Here is a table setting out its timing and costs for member companies. Timing excludes weekends.

Document length (Words) Timing Cost (euros)
Up to 3,500 72 hours 275.00
3501-6,500  96 hours 440.00
6,501-10,000  108 hours 616.00
10,001-14,000  One week 900.00
14,001 + (extra per 4,000) tba tba


All that is necessary is for you to send us, in confidence, documents to be reviewed and to answer a short questionnaire so that we can determine your underlying philosophy, areas you wish to continue to enhance beyond the statutory minimum and where you believe there are particular areas of sensitivity regarding employee relations. 

Documents will normally be submitted in English and edited in the same language. If alternative languages are required please indicate the fact on the submission form. Translation into another language will normally add 3-6 working days to the task.

To begin using this service please send us an initial trial submission by clicking here.