Membership Categories


Knowledgebase Access (60+ countries)
Daily news updates/Fortnightly Newswire
Job Evaluation and Pricing System (JEAPS)
Employment Law programmes (AV Presentations)
Minimum Wage and Economic Data
Model Policies, codes and guidelines
Regular research on various issues
Legal External Guides
Use of FedEE logo on company website
Advocacy – Lobbying governments about regulations affecting HR
Fellow Roundtable Meetings/Briefings Not included 1 Free place 2 Free places 2 Free places 3 Free places
Legal Helpline Enquiries None 2 p.a. 6 p.a. 12 p.a. 12 p.a.
Registered Users – without geographical restrictions 1 2 6 15 15
Accreditation – Qualified Professional HR Counsel Course* Not included Up to 25% discount 30% Discount 35% Discount 1 free participant
Pricing (per annum) euro 495 €995 1995 €2785
Helpline Enquiry Bundle (per 6 enquiries) + €660 + €660 + €660 + €660 + €660
HR policy review POA POA POA POA POA

25% discount

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Note: This new membership categories list does not apply to members who joined the Federation before September the 1st 2018.