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Slovenia :: Links to primary legislation

Slovenia Occupational Safety Act 1999 Employment Relationship Act 2013 Employment Relationship Act 2013 (in Slovenian) Personal data protection act of the republic of Slovenia Criminal Code (KZ-1) of the Republic of Slovenia Slovenia Social Security Act The Labour Market Regulation Act 2010 Act on the Amendments to the Labour Market Regulation Act (2013) (in Slovenian) Law on Employment and Work of Aliens 2011 (ZZDT-1) (in Slovenian) Pension and Invalidity Insurance Act 1999 Law amending the Law on Pension and Disability Insurance (2013) (in Slovenian) Health and Safety at Work Act 2011 Minimum Wage Act 2010 (in Slovenian) Minimum Wage Act 2010 Collective Agreement Act Data Protection Act 2004 Law on Amendments and Supplements to the Law on Parental Protection and Family Benefits (2008) in Slovenian Rules on the preventative medical check-up of employees 2002 in Slovenian Constitution of Slovenia 1991 (amended up to 2006)  Constitution of Slovenia 1991 in Slovenian Slovenia Prevention of Undeclared Work and Employment Act (ZPDZC-1) (unofficial translation) Slovenia National Action Plan for Employment 2004 Slovenia Safety and Health at Work Act Slovenia Active Employment Policy Programme for 2003 Slovenia Social Entrepreneurship Act (unofficial consolidated text, unofficial translation) Slovenia Social Contract for the 2015–2016 period Slovenia Family violence Prevention Act (unofficial translation) Slovenia Civil Partnership Registration Act (unofficial translation) Slovenia Provision of foster care Act Slovenia Law on Marriage and Family Relations (unofficial translation) Slovenia Youth Guarantee Implementation plan 2014 – 2015 return to top   …

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