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Multijurisdictional Legal Training For HR Professionals

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FedEE HR Counsel® Programme Booking Form
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Due to the current global health crisis, we have substantially reduced the programme fee to allow HR professionals to extend their period of professional training and those leaving their posts to prepare for their next position.

The fee, for non-FedEE Members, for completion of the course is reduced from €2,995 to US$1,900 (€1,757/£1,608).

FedEE Members enjoy a reduced rate of US$1,399 (€1,295/£1,185). This lower rate is also applied to any HR professional who faces redundancy, or has been recently made redundant – whether or not their employer was a FedEE Member company. No VAT is payable if paid to FedEE International Inc. in the Americas from where our administration is undertaken.

Fees are inclusive of all tuition, assessment, a study pack (mailed to participants), one place on a course seminar (travel restrictions permitting) and personal tutor time.

Discounts are also available for multiple bookings from the same organisation. Please contact the FedEE Academy Office for further details and to obtain a comprehensive brochure or course handbook. The email is Academy@fedee.com

Terms and Conditions

This booking is made in line with the services described and detailed terms and conditions set out in the FedEE Academy Brochure for the HR Counsel Programme. Rights to participate in this programme are not transferrable. If this purchase has been made in error then FedEE should be notified as soon as possible – and in any case – within 3 working days of the booking – through the email address Academy@fedee.com. If within 5 working days of commencing the programme it is necessary to terminate participation in it for any reason the course fee paid will be refunded in full, minus a 20% administration charge.