Brexit HR Intelligence Briefings (Updated Daily)

The UK House of Commons has finally voted for the FedEE Compromise first proposed by us last September. At the time our appeal to MPs was ignored, but gradually they have adopted it and now the only hope of averting a “No deal Brexit” is the solution propose by us. It has taken politicians a long time to see the sense of FedEE proposals – just in the same way as we were the only organisation to predict Brexit back in the Spring of 2016. If you want to know the future listen to FedEE.

No support, no ideas, NO DEAL

The UK Prime Minister has lost her latest vote in the UK Parliament intended to support her negotiating stance. But, with or without MPs support, the UK government is devoid of any realistic ideas about how to move ahead with a structured, sensible withdrawal from the European Union on March 29th. Although we are being told by Theresa May at press conferences that Brexit negotiations have been constructive, the European Union Council President, Donald Tusk, and other EU officials have all confirmed that no negotiations are actually taking place and no new proposals whatsoever have been made by the UK government to the European Union this year. FedEE circulates each fortnight a 16-page (and growing) review of “No-Deal Brexit”, with the latest situation in individual EU member states. Our latest probability level for “No-Deal” is 93%.

Brexit Relocation Unit

Companies that plan to relocate operations to another country anywhere in the world may call on FedEE to assist them with a wide range of employment-related issues. These include: advice on alternative locations, an evaluation of employment law jurisdictions, manpower planning, relocation packages, cost of living data, pay data, downside risk assessment, employee communications, labour relations strategy and – in the case of a merger or takeover – M&A business transfer briefings for all their operations. For further details just contact Simon Tan on 0044 203 608 4412 or the FedEE Office on

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