About FedEE

The purpose of The Federation of International Employers (FedEE) is to provide essential, practical support to HR professionals working in multinational companies around the world – principally in the fields of employment law, employee reward and labour relations.

We were founded in 1988 by a group of HR Directors and funded for our first three years by the European Commission. Since 1991 we have operated as an independent organisation and our international (rather than European) focus dates from 2014.

We are registered as a company limited by guarantee and our day to day operations are carried out by FedEE Corporate Services Ltd.

FedEE Membership is open to bone fide companies that operate, or plan to operate, in two or more countries and have 150+ employees.

We provide our members with essential services not generally available elsewhere – such as:

  • a massive and unrivalled digest of easy-to-read employment law obligations in over 60 countries – which may be consulted 24/7,
  • Daily global HR and travel alerts,
  • A system to rapidly evaluate and price any job,
  • Audio-visual briefings on legal frameworks in key economies worldwide,
  • A rapid global employment law helpline,
  • Free upgrading to FedEE Fellowship to take part in our ‘in camera’ round table meetings, and
  • A one-year professional legal training course designed specifically for HR practitioners – leading to the designation of QP-HR Counsel and recognition of a new ‘HR Counsel’ role.

Our Services are constantly being shaped around the needs of our member companies and many members see us a trusted extension of their own in-house legal and HR teams. Perhaps that is why we retain such a high proportion of corporate members from year-to-year and why 96% of members say that they would not hesitate to recommend FedEE membership to other multinational companies.