Without Prejudice: DVD on workplace racial discrimination

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Product Description

Without Prejudice: A powerful training film from The Federation of European Employers (FedEE) about the perception and reality of racial prejudice in the workplace. Produced in conjunction with The UK government’s Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS), the TUC, Lincoln University and the diversity training company Consilium Vyas.

Subject: The film traces incidents leading to a claim for race discrimination before an employment tribunal in England and Wales.

Running time: 25 minutes (with optional breakdown into individual/grouped scenes for training purposes)

“Without Prejudice” is a fictional drama that explores the way that widely differing perspectives can arise between participants in work situations and how the law determines whether certain types of conduct amount to race discrimination.

Synopsis: Going to court may seem a solution, but are there any winners in this game?

Anu finds a welcome on her first day with her new employer Novus Premier Group. But relations with her new boss, Peggy Allen, get off to a bad start and then the company begins to suspect that she is leaking sensitive information to her trade union. When she is switched to a new role and asked to wear a uniform by Beverley, the company’s HR Director, Anu goes on long-term sick leave and is eventually invited to take voluntary redundancy. Peggy finds that she is being taken to an employment tribunal accused of racial discrimination and Anu refuses to take advice from her union to accept a settlement or the offer of mediation from ACAS. In the tribunal case that follows both parties begin to believe that they may have got things wrong and have deep regrets.

FedEE Media presents An English language film. Anuradha by Shereen Martin (RSC/Royal Shakespeare Company),  Peggy Allen by Tracey Donnelly, Beverley by Isobel Collyer, Vincent by Simon Slater, Gerald by Adam Kotz (Last King of Scotland), Miss Regal by Jenna Sharpe, Tribunal Chairman by Bob Tomlinson, Sian by Beth Waite, Gordon by David Tute, John Cowan by Duncan Mack

Written by Peter Waddington, Music by Slater Music, Produced by Adam Kotz, Directed by Miranda Howard-Williams, Executive Producers: Robin Chater and Nilam Vyaz, Director of Photography: Jonathan Brinton, Editing: Brinton TV.

Produced with financial support from: FedEE Services Limited, Lincoln University, Consilium Vyas and in cooperation with The Federation of European Employers, ACAS (UK Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service), The Trade Union Congress, Gardner Leader and Baker and McKenzie.