Pay in Europe

FedEE’s annual Pay in Europe report is now available to FedEE member companies. The report provides benchmark salary data for 47 European countries and territories. Each table contains 32 standard job positions within two categories of company size or type. Hourly pay is presented in the form of a midpoint and spread to reflect the range for each job.

The tables may be used to produce a framework for pay relativities and an initial market guide when establishing a new operation in a particular European country. They will also be of value to those with established operations who require an objective reference point during pay negotiations, annual reviews or for general salary administration purposes.

Download sample table and explanatory notes from 2012 report (pdf format)
To download, right-click (Windows) or hold down the mouse button (Mac OS) and select ‘Save Target As…’

Download a simple guide on how to use Pay in Europe.

When you Join FedEE for the first time, you will receive a printed version of the latest report. All subsequent updates will be available on-line in the members’ area of our website. Alternatively you may purchase a copy of the report through our online store at

Title:  Pay in Europe 2013  (ISBN 978-0-9573196-2-2 (Paperback) ISBN 978-0-9573196-3-9 (e-book/pdf)

Publication date: June 2013

Format: Bound printed edition and pdf format

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