News Flash

United Kingdom: Price fixing

Although the true annual rate of consumer price inflation (including owner-occupied housing) had been predicted to hit 3.1% in September, it officially rose by 2.8%. Curious difference? Our statistical analysis of the weights used for calculating the index indicates fabrication.

Germany: A deal at last

An agreement has finally been reached between the airline Lufthansa and its 5,400 pilots. The deal will run until 2022, reduce pension costs, delay retirement ages, increase salaries by up to 10.3%, add a one-off bonus and open the way

USA : Complex negotiations begin

The private carrier UPS has started negotiations with the IBT (Teamsters) union over changes due next July for 250,000 US employees. There are 30 supplemental agreements and top of the list for the union will be improvements to health care

HRM compliance survey

We received a very good response to our recent survey of HRM legal and quality standards compliance. Access to the resulting report is limited to participants. However, it threw up a great deal of data – with often unexpected and

EU: That priority hire

A major concern for anyone trading across borders in the European Union must be the holding of trusted trader status (AEO) relating to customs simplification, security and safety. Although this offers great advantages to those operating in supply chains, many

Australia : : Fair Work Amendment

Employers, particularly franchise chains, who deliberately flaunt the minimum wage and other entitlements’ rules under the Fair Work Act 2009, now face stiff new penalties. This follows the passing of the Fair Work Amendment Bill on September 5th

France: Macron Labour Reforms

The French government has announced the outcome of its recent talks on labour reforms. The agreed changes include:

* A new facility for employers and workers to reach agreement at a company level. Negotiations with a non-elected employee (not approved

Russia: “Safe” data transfers

It is curious that Russia, one of the states most ready to invade personal privacy, also regulates the transfer of privacy to other countries providing a “sufficient level” of protection for personnel data. That is perhaps why two of the

UK: Voluntary overtime and holiday pay

The UK Employment Appeals Tribunal (EAT) has ruled that regular voluntary overtime should be included when calculating holiday pay. What constitutes “regular” will be a matter of judgment or agreement, but the ruling also has implications for other regular payments

FedEE Customised legal service

We have just launched FedEE Law?  This provides members with customised legal services – such as the drafting of employment contracts, the drawing up company policies or reviewing and updating of employee handbooks. The new service offers a fast turnaround,

UK: Tribunal fees discriminatory

A challenge to the lawfulness of current employment tribunal fees in respect to discrimination claims has been found, in itself, to be indirectly discriminatory by the  UK Supreme Court.The case, brought by the trades union Unison, may have the effect

Tunisia: State control of collective bargaining

The Tunisian government has now taken control of collective bargaining in many sectors, although they still consult with “social partners” before altering pay rates. The Prime Minister, Youssef Chahed, has signed an order increasing basic gross pay rates in 21

EU: Brexit hits UK economy

Industrial production rose over the year to May 2017 in the European Union by 4% – with durable consumer goods (+6.8%) and capital goods (+6.1%) leading the way. All this has been achieved in a highly energy efficient way –

Malaysia: Work permits cut

The Malaysian government has decided to stop issuing work permits for North Korean manual workers following the assassination of the estranged half-brother of North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un in Kuala Lumpur earlier this year. The North Korean economy relies

Venezuela: Chasing runaway inflation

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has ordered that the national minimum wage be increased again by 50% with immediate effect. He also announced his intention to crack down on economic speculation in an attempt to control prices. The latest wage hike