Fellowship Status

Senior HR professionals and employment lawyers may apply for Fellowship. Individual Fellowship is open to HR Directors and their first reports and seasoned employment lawyers who have been in practice (or acted as an in-house counsel) for at least five years. It is supplementary to corporate membership and may remain in force for as long as the Fellow continues on the staff of their member company, or with another member company. It will cease at its year end if the company terminates its corporate membership. However, honorary Fellowships may be awarded to long-standing Fellows in recognition of their contribution to the Federation and their profession. 

Fellowship is obtained on request or nomination. Please email the Membership Secretary at membershipservices@fedee.com for further details. Provided you or your nominee meets our criteria then they will be admitted into Fellowship. Fellows will be sent a certificate confirming their status and will be entitled to use the designation F.FedEE.

For further information please contact FedEE’s Membership Secretary, Karen Wallace, on (+44) (0)117 975 8611 or at membershipservices@fedee.com.



Next Fellowship Meeting: July 12th 2016, London, UK

The Federation operates a programme of regular meetings so that Fellows may take a strategic perspective on developments that impact on Human Resource Management at an international level and share ideas about how to translate legislative changes and new case law into workable company policies and practices. These events have no fixed, formal agenda and all discussions are “off the record” and “in camera”. There are no notes taken,  no final resolutions or press statements and no commercial sponsors.  Academics and other subject experts may be involved, but only by special invitation.

Should a Fellow, for any reason, not be able to attend any meeting they may ask a colleague from their organisation to attend on their behalf.

Attendance at meetings should be classified as corporate training and development for expense and tax purposes and not treated as a benefit in kind. Please contact your finance department for confirmation of their status.