Employment Law Programme

FedEE has joined forces with the world’s leading law firm, Baker & McKenzie, to provide member companies with online country-by-country employment law modules. These provide HR professionals in multinational companies with a quick and cost-effective way to get up to speed on key aspects of employment law in a particular country. It is no longer necessary to take time off to attend old-style face-to-face conferences or seminars. We have secured the services of top international employment lawyers to provide webcasts on a 24/7 basis covering subjects such as employment contracts, employee participation, working time, discrimination and employee dismissal. FedEE members have full access to all the modules and each module may be viewed by users in member companies as frequently as they wish and shared with colleagues to view individually or collectively.

Here we provide an excerpt from a typical presentation from the programme.

Employment law for HR professionals

On-line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: Those who have viewed the modules may also pose questions to our guest contributors by email or telephone via FedEE and test the know-how they have gained by taking our free on-line assessment. Participants passing the assessment may then download a FedEE certificate in several languages.


Each audio-visual module lasts between 25 and 40 minutes.

Typical framework for each country module

Individual employment terms: indefinite and fixed term contracts, language requirements, remuneration, non-compete clauses.

Collective employment terms: Unionization, collective agreements, works councils, health and safety committees

Working time: Daily and weekly statutory limits, overtime, night work, shift work.

Leave of absence: Annual leave, public holidays, maternity, parental and adoptive leave, paternity leave, sick leave.

Discrimination: Equal treatment, equal pay, quotas, sexual harassment, disability, other grounds.

Individual dismissal: Disciplinary sanctions, redundancy, amicable termination, notice period, severance, right to a reference, retirement,

Collective redundancy: Thresholds, procedures, timetable

Contesting a dismissal: Structure of labour courts, conciliation, timetable

View an excerpt of a typical presentation

An excerpt of David Diaz’s briefing on employment law in Spain is currently available here on our public site. This may be viewed with broadband or any similar fast internet connection. All the presentations have been prepared to a consistent format, making it easy to access the information you need.

Presentations now on-line:


All-presentations are in Flash format, which will run on any browser with Flash Player 6 or later installed. The latest version of this may be downloaded via the button.


Once you have viewed a presentation you may confirm your learning by completing an online assessment using the law programme certification system. Completion of each assessment is free of charge.

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