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Comment: Lost certainties

This year’s Fortune Global 500 features a whole tranche of new entries. Companies like Chubb and Medtronic that have gone over the US$20bn threshold to become a truly major multinational corporation (MNC). The top 500 companies turnover $27.7 trillion and

Comment: Fishing with click bait

There is an interesting contrast between the methods used in the two ‘cousin’ fields of public relations (PR) and employee relations (ER). Whilst PR has become increasingly sophisticated in its use of technology, ER remains largely back in an era

COMMENT: Are you ISO compliant?

It is now 12 months since the International Organisation for Standardisation published its standards for human resource management (ISO 30408) and recruitment (ISO 30405). They were certainly a long time coming and now they are here it would be interesting

Comment: Why strikes decline

There was a period, back in the 1970s, when ongoing strikes seldom fell below 300 a month. I was working at the time as a journalist for the UK’s leading IR journal. It was my habit to take quotes from

Comment: Disturbing trend lines

A phenomenon little known outside the realms of psychologists is the “Flynn effect”. This concerns the constant increase in IQ test scores over time. The average rate observed is about 3 points per decade. This does not sound much, but

Comment: LDTs, TAD – and after

In my last comment column I pointed out how labour displacing technologies (LDTs) were already an inexorable force throughout the advanced economies. But where will this trend take us? For instance, repeated warnings by Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and

Comment: LDTs have arrived

Articles abound on the coming wave of labour displacing technologies (LDTs), but it is so easy to remain skeptical about future prospects for automation as current levels of employment appear to be fairly stable and the demand for people with

Comment: Secret engagement

When I visited China for the first time and looked out of my hotel window I thought that I could hear the sound of social unrest from side streets nearby. But when I left my hotel and traced the sounds

Comment: Building a CV (2)

In my previous comment column, I outlined the early stages of building a CV. I now focus on how to aim for that top corporate HR job – once graduation has come and gone.

The problem with being a new

Comment: Building a CV

There is a lot of advice available for anyone wishing to design and put together a CV – but precious little for someone starting out on their career concerning how to build up a good CV from school until that

Comment: Usual suspects

How many times does the tired expression get wheeled out when disaster strikes that “lessons must be learned”? It is a favourite mantra in the public sector because it deflects blame and loss of face from those that would otherwise

Comment: Illiteracy and the law

The UK Supreme Court has sought to resolve a potential contradiction in previous rulings about the wording of contracts. In one ruling (Arnold vs Britton) it was determined that commercial interpretations should not override literal (called ‘natural’ by the court)

Comment: The FedEE Top 20

Which country is it best to invest in from an HR point of view? There are hundreds of factors to take into account from a general business perspective, but ultimately the list can be reduced to just six.

In an

Comment: The advanced parity method

There has been much talk and speculation in recent years about establishing pan-European and even pan-global pay rates. Certainly it is a preoccupation of many multinational enterprises to harmonise their reward policy. Generally, however, it is the local salaries market

Comment: European nightwork trends

Although much has been written about the health dangers of working at night and EU Directives establish a framework of legal restrictions on the duration of night work and who can work at night, there is little reliable data on